Dental Emergency

When dental emergencies occur, it is common to see people panic if they don’t know where to go to receive emergency dental treatment. This panic is usually accompanied by quite a bit of pain, so it is understandable when people become flustered. If you are need of emergency dental treatment, you will want to come to Riverside Dental Care. Our dentists are experienced in working on emergency dental problems and will be able to put you at ease. Who To Contact For Emergency Dental TreatmentIf you have a dental problem that requires emergency treatment, please call the office so that we may see you immediately. New patient emergencies are welcomed during office hours. If you have a problem today — we will see you today. For the convenience of our registered patients, we have a dentist on-call for emergencies. That way, you can be assisted whenever you come into our office. If the emergency arises at a time outside of our regular office hours, please call our office at (435) 673-3363. You wi…
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